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The Details of the Deal

July 11, 2017 /Daniel Leach Canibano

A little earlier in the day, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia finally agreed to cut their production outputs. Since 2014, members of OPEC have been flooding the market which cheap oil in an attempt to price out increasingly threatening North American shale oil producers. While the results of their scheme have certainly been ambiguous, many […]

The trading floor’s dark sunset brings a golden dawn

July 11, 2017 /Daniele Zagnoni

How Gold will make you beat the market this year no matter what the Fed will decide to do! At the beginning of the year we experienced an incredible rally of gold; a move that went from 1061$/oz to 1366.54$/oz in July, scoring almost a +29% return to the smart money. Due to global economic […]

A Primer on the Physical Commodities Industry

July 11, 2017 /Daniel Leach Canibano

Commodities are the raw materials that make up the foundations of our lives. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, passing through the fuel we put in our cars and the very elements that make up our cars stem from the work of commodity traders. Trafigura recently commissioned a report to be […]

Discussing America’s future

July 11, 2017 /Mate Rimar

When discussing the future of America’s fate with my Russian girlfriend (as one does), she said it did not have one. Whilst exercising that thought is certainly appealing, I thought I would investigate the issue a little more thoroughly. The Dilemma: The US economy is in a situation where it is growing at a slow […]


July 11, 2017 /Yee Kiat

In a financial world that has been characterized by a zero interest rate policy for many years, the mystery that has lingered on the tongue of many investors is how do generate income in a zero interest rate environment. REITs, The answer is REITS. Before I go on and rumble about the pros and cons […]