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The 70-Billion Dollar Deal

October 21, 2018 /Federico D'anna

With the gasoline price creeper closer to the critical three-dollars-per-gallon threshold, President Trump’s declaration that—because Saudi Arabia and its King would not last two weeks without the military support of the United States, it should increase its oil production—has not lacked media coverage. Yet, not a lot of turmoil has been surrounding what could represent […]

A ‘Rich’ Valuation?

October 5, 2018 /Hamza Ahsan

This summer has been a particularly hot one for microprocessor manufacturing companies like Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). In April 2018, AMD’s stock has surged and gained more than 200% in value, whereas the monopolistic market leader Intel has shown little movement. The rise comes partly from the struggles that Intel is facing with […]

The U.S. Marijuana Frenzy

October 1, 2018 /Federico D'anna

The recent surge in the price of Tilray, the biggest Canadian-based marijuana company listed on Nasdaq, has attracted the attention of several investors in the industry. The controversial sector has been historically characterized by a high perceived risk due to its unstable legal position, yet things are starting to change. Starting early this June, markets […]

Walmart-Humana: An Unlikely Combination?

April 20, 2018 /Dora Cordero

The Encroaching Presence Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods has now sparked rumors that the e-commerce juggernaut has its sights on health services. Its most recent move only adds wood to the fire. In February, it partnered with JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. to target employee health costs. Although […]

The Illusion of Tesla’s (TSLA) Strong Gross Margins

April 16, 2018 /Stefan Larsen

The illusion of Tesla’s (TSLA) strong gross margins One of the more frequently cited metrics regarding the superiority of Tesla as opposed to other carmakers, is their higher gross margins, attributed to their “unique business model” and “innovative manufacturing and technology”. They stand at about 20% as of the end of 2017 against competitors, whose […]