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Marijuana: Fad or Trend?

November 19, 2018 /Felip Biji

For some reason, we are always so afraid of being on the wrong side of history that we just jump into the first so-called “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Sometimes, we don’t even consider what we are getting ourselves into, yet no one wants to miss the next Microsoft and opportunities do not last forever. We have been […]

Albayrak Won The Battle But The War Has Just Begun

November 15, 2018 /Guney Kaya

The Turkish Lira Crisis had a major effect on daily life in Turkey. In September, the Consumer Price Index jumped 24.52 percent within the same time frame of 2017, additionally rising by 6,30 percent since August, having been previously 17.90 percent. October was relatively less dramatic, with the CPI rising by 2.67 percent from the […]

The Rise Of Chinese Property Management

November 8, 2018 /Zuwei Cheng

With the recent tightening policy on the real estate market, Chinese authorities have decided to closely monitor housing prices, not just in first-tier cities but also in smaller regions. Growth in China’s real estate investment eased in September and home sales fell for the first time since April, as developers slowed down expansion plans amid […]

Mexico: More Than What Meets the Eye

October 30, 2018 /Javier Ortiz Beltran

Mexico has been repeatedly in the spotlight in recent years, particularly after the 2016 US Presidential Elections. The last two years might have made Mexico rather vulnerable to remarks and policies made by Trump. Yet, in the same period, Mexico has become a remarkably promising country for foreign investment with solid fundamentals, backed by improving […]

Investment Thesis—Bilibili

October 26, 2018 /Sophie Wu

Investment thesis Bilibili is a Chinese UGC-driven video content platform which targets Generation Z consumers. Although the risks of over-reliance on video game revenue (FGO) and governmental regulations exist, I believe Bilibili is worth investing in because of its high user stickiness and upward potential of a multi-faceted revenue model. Using the market cap/MAU methodology, […]