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Response to BSIC – Bullish spread call in a debt trap

February 15, 2017 /Mate Rimar

Our colleagues at the Bocconi Students Investment Club discovered an interesting market, the Brazilian equity market. As the MSCI World index reached its 20-month high on the 14th, BSIC’s call spread is in the money; however, their analysis failed to mention the tail risks associated with such a trade. As future asset allocator, and users […]

Market outlook 2017

January 1, 2017 /Mate Rimar

  Emerging Markets Turkey Turkey has been all over the headlines over the past year. Recent economic and political turmoil has scared a lot of investors away and the possibility of the country taking military action against the middle east is not doing much to help. What is left of foreign capital investments will disappear […]

New Casino Deal – Chips flowing from Macau to Japan

December 13, 2016 /Koki Uno

 There is a potential revolution in the Far East Casino Industry. The biggest center for casino addicts, Macau, is planning to limit ATM withdrawals. On the other hand, Japan’s National Diet is trying to legalize casino resorts as fast as they can. Fall of Macau On December 9, South China Morning Post announced that “Macau […]

The Italian Referendum – Germany Über Alles

December 3, 2016 /Daniel Leach Canibano

On December the 4th, Italians will vote for or against a constitutional referendum which will transform their parliament’s structure from a perfect bicameralism to an imperfect one. Italy happens to be the only country in the world that has two chambers: the senate and the chamber of deputies exercising exactly the same powers and functions. […]

OPEC – the wait is over

December 2, 2016 /Daniel Leach Canibano

The Details of the Deal A little earlier in the day, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia finally agreed to cut their production outputs. Since 2014, members of OPEC have been flooding the market which cheap oil in an attempt to price out increasingly threatening North American shale oil producers. While the […]