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Market Commentary—30/10/2018

October 30, 2018 /Claudio Cirillo

Stocks: A slump in Tech shares hit the US equity market. The Nasdaq Composite lost two percent while the S&P 500 lost one percent, reflecting the greater exposure to Tech of the former. Bank shares slightly increased over the session, Mr.John Flint, the CEO of HSBC Holdings plc, reported an increase of HSBC’s profit of […]

Market Commentary—26/10/18

October 26, 2018 /Felip Biji

Stocks:  The Dow is up 401.13 points to 24,984.55 as Microsoft outperformed. The S&P 500 gained 1.9% closing at 2,705.57 as consumer discretionary and tech both rose more than 3%. The broad index also closed higher for the first time in almost a week. Both are back with modest gains. Nasdaq climbed 2.95% to 7,318.34 as […]

Market Commentary—25/10/18

October 25, 2018 /Adnane Zehnine

Following a fresh round of quarterly earnings, today’s markets failed to restore investors confidence whose concerns are all focused on the rising interest rates and a promising global economic slowdown. Stocks: Starting off with US equity, S&P 500 index closed the sixth straight losing session down by 3,09% while being off 6.5% so far in […]

Market Commentary—24/10/18

October 24, 2018 /Guney Kaya

Investors are still cautious despite the global sell-off.  Nevertheless, the upcoming earnings announcements, along with a strong U.S. economy, may boost confidence in the market. Stock Market: The S&P 500 had a volatile day with a sharp decrease in the morning as much as 2.30%, however it rebounded later in the day and closed at […]

Market Commentary—23/10/18

October 23, 2018 /Dora Cordero

Stocks: The S&P 500 saw a decline of 0.43%, the German DAX of 2.13%, its lowest in more than 22 months, and the U.K’s FTSE 100 of -0.91%, another low in seven months. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell by 2.1%, placing it dangerously close to bear market territory; Monday’s stock market repose was short-lived […]