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Market Commentary—07/11/18

November 7, 2018 /Guney Kaya

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important current event is yesterday’s mid-term American elections. The Democrats have secured 218 seats to win control of House, ending the one-party control in Washington, and although Trump’s strength in rural areas have allowed Republicans to retain their control of the Senate, a clear message was sent: big […]

Market Commentary—06/11/18

November 6, 2018 /Ben Acton Bond

Equities remained stable overall, though the EUROSTOXX600 showed some weakness in its recovery since the end of October low. Italian bank stocks suffered after stress test results and Goldman Sachs’ downgrade of Italy’s largest lenders. Yields on 10-year bonds climbed back up to 3.4%. Adding to the selloff, Bruno La Maire, France’s economy minister said […]

Market Commentary—05/11/18

November 5, 2018 /Claudio Cirillo

Stocks: As the possibility of a trade deal between the U.S and China gets closer, the U.S. equity market suffers and all major indexes reported losses between 0.7 percent and 1 percent. Nasdaq Composite gave the worst performance with Apple’s shares leading the decline. Apple lost almost 7 percent putting pressure on other tech shares […]

Market Commentary—1/11/18

November 2, 2018 /Sophie Wu

The financial markets are recovering and shaking off the sell-off tendency due to a temporary ease in geopolitical tension. Stock Market: Today Mr. Trump tweeted about a “long and very good conversation” with President Xi focusing on the trade tension between the two countries and asked U.S. officials to draft terms of a trade agreement. This […]

Market Commentary—31/10/18

October 31, 2018 /Georgios Bitsonis

Stocks: Starting with Facebook’s Q3 2018 earnings announcements, we saw that revenue grew 33% year-over-year to $13.7 billion but fell short of the average analyst expectation of $13.8 billion. Consequently, Facebook’s share price see-sawed wildly in extended trading on Tuesday, dipping as much as 6% and climbing around 5%. Moreover, in the US equity market, the S&P […]