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Market Commentary—6/12/18

December 6, 2018 /Dora Cordero

Stocks: Only days after an apparent breakthrough on trade talks between the United States and China, Huawei’s CFO, Wanzhou Meng, is arrested in Canada in a probe by the U.S. into an alleged violation of sanctions against Iran. “This move […] has just added another spanner in the works,” Eleanor Creagh, strategist at Saxo Capital […]

Market Commentary—5/12/18

December 5, 2018 /Claudio Cirillo

Stocks: The US stock markets experienced great losses, signaling a fear of an economic deceleration. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than three percent erasing the recovery of the last week of November. As many analysts pointed out, given the composition of the index and the small number of firms involved, it does not […]

Market Commentary—4/12/18

December 4, 2018 /Felip Biji

Stocks: Financial markets are up as potential trade talks between USA and China settled, tariffs will not escalate during a 90-day negotiation period. Positive news for the economy, yet it is unlikely to expect an agreement in the near future as major differences between the two parties remained on the table.   The Dow is […]

Market Commentary—3/12/18

December 3, 2018 /Guney Kaya

Markets immediately reacted to the positive interaction between China and the US. All the global stock indexes began rallying after Trump signaled there will not be any harsh tariffs for a while. Last week was a good week for US markets, and after the boosted optimism in the markets, I believe this week will be […]

Market Commentary—28/11/18

November 28, 2018 /Hamza Ahsan

World markets closed shining green. S&P 500 and Dow closed at 0.33 percent and a 0.44 percent high, respectively. The Hang Seng Index closed 1.33 percent high while FTSE 100 showed stability staying up by only 0.02 percent. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan will make people worse off and may result in 4 percent […]