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Market Commentary—12/02/2019

February 12, 2019 /Felip Biji

Stocks:  It is a crucial week for global trade ahead as lawmakers gather for another round of trade talks. Meanwhile, worries of a shutdown in Washington still prevail. The S&P 500 rose on Monday closing slightly up at 2,709.8. Nasdaq ended 0.1% up while the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost around 53 points, closing at 25,053.11. […]

Market Commentary—11/02/2019

February 11, 2019 /Ben Acton Bond

Stocks: As trade talks begin in Beijing and Shanghai, stock markets open positive overall (FTSE’s Euro top 100 up 0.9%, China’s CSI 300 up 1.8% to a 3 month high) exhibiting a rebound from Thursday’s and Friday’s light correction. American markets are also expected to gain, with S&P 500 futures trading 0.4% higher. While the Dollar […]

Market Commentary—8/2/19

February 8, 2019 /Claudio Cirillo

Equities: After many bullish trading sessions, concerns about the trade war and misses in the current earnings session has led major indexes downwards. The S&P500, DJIA, and NASDAQ lost between 1.1 and 2.3 percent as Trump declared that he would not meet the Chinese president before the trade deadline. Tech and Energy were the worst […]

Market Commentary—7/2/19

February 7, 2019 /Felip Biji

Stocks:  The Fed is likely to cut interest rates in the upcoming months if global slowdown starts affecting the American economy, former central bank Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday. U.S.indexes were down following President Donald Trump’s second State of the Union address. The S&P 500 index closed at 2,731, off less than 0.2%. The Dow Jones […]

Market Commentary—7/12/18

December 7, 2018 /Georgios Bitsonis

Stocks: Here are some of the things people in markets are talking about. U.S. equities recovered from the lows of the day after a retrieval in high weighted technology stocks helped to force the Nasdaq 100 higher by 0.64 percent at 6,838.85. The S&P 500 Index closed in a negative territory -0.15 percent at 2,695.95. With the fear that […]