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Volatility-Based Positioning and Trade Diversification

November 23, 2018 / Ole Urfels

Diversification is one of investors’ most important and well-known concerns. However, for traders, the basic notion of diversification (holding a portfolio of uncorrelated positions) is not suitable for most cases. Still, there are many other lesser-known ways to diversify that traders can employ. For example, traders focusing on only one security can diversify by trading […]

Market Commentary—23/11/2018

November 23, 2018 / Ole Urfels

Today, in the big picture, we have a slowdown and increased uncertainty in Europe, which has led to a decline in EURUSD. Nevertheless, the indexes are still holding up. A Chinese sell-off in tech stocks has put pressure on the Chinese equities over fears of the trade war hitting the industry. Investors seem to wait […]

Market Commentary—12/11/18

November 12, 2018 / Ole Urfels

Today, the main focal points are the rise in the oil price after Saudi announces production cuts, weak EUR and GBP due to Brexit and Italian budget issues. Equities: In the Asian Session the Nikkei remained almost flat with 0.09% gains. After a positive day on Friday, the Dax opens with a gap up into […]

Market Commentary—16/10/18

October 16, 2018 / Ole Urfels

Today’s markets show a positive reaction to easing risk factors and investors’ sentiment, pushing up stocks. Equities: The Nikkei closed up 1.25% rebounding after yesterdays’ poor performance. The DAX30, S&P500, and FTSE 100 are up 0.93%, 0.86%, and 0.07%, respectively, also recovering slowly from the past week’s downturn. In the US, positive earnings push stock […]