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Valkyrie Trading was created to introduce, discuss and actively partake in trading/investing related activities.
We are made up of market aficionados and pride ourselves following up on the information, opinions and research we publish on this website and social media pages. Many of us have professional experience in the biggest investment banks and trading houses, we like sharing our experiences and help each other out whenever we can.


Throughout the year, we

  • Hold weekly meetings in which we discuss trade strategy, risk and portfolio management and our individual stances on the markets
  • Write research papers on our trade and investing approach
  • Organise public and member-only events with traders and investors.

We also have a member-only database with 60+ (and growing) books and papers on trading/investing and have access to professional trading courses.

However, through perseverance and knowledge we know that it is possible to beat this intricate game. If you have been doing so or believe you are one of them and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals feel free to roam through our website and follow our Facebook page for daily market updates.
Applications are open for a couple weeks at the beginning of every academic year. We do not usually accept applications during the year but have been known to make exceptions for particularly interesting individuals.


Do I need to know how to trade?

Trading and/or investing experience is not required albeit preferred. Most of our members manage their own portfolios and those who don’t are quick to catch up.


What profiles
are you looking for?

We are interested in people from all backgrounds, undergraduate and graduate.


What do you do?

We meet weekly to discuss trading and investing strategies, research papers we are working on and other projects such as events and competitions that we might be working on.


We would love to talk to you about sponsorship opportunities, applications for VTS and ideas for events or investments.

Our email is as.valkyrie-trading@unibocconi.it or you can use the form below: